Lifestyle change – seven times a week

Persistent fatigue? Abdominal distension? Did you know that digestion absorbs the most energy in the body? Have you ever thought that your various complaints are not a natural part of having your meal?

Our lives have accelerated in recent decades, we feel this. We spend a lot of time on several things, except for ourselves or to care for ourselves. We receive many environmental stimuli, most of which are stressful and which leave a mark on our everyday lives after a while. Eating is what we put most of our lives in the background: just to grab something quickly and keep hurrying on. Ultra-processed foods dominate the world.

Where have the meals of Grandma disappeared?

Clean label, that is what they call today what is made in the kitchen. Of course, only such “pure” ingredients should be included on the back label of food. We know it all, yet we consume insufficient fibre, but many preservatives. And a sedentary lifestyle just makes things worse. This complex load is not tolerated by our body for long and the symptoms can often manifest themselves as headaches, stomach pains, bloating, which, after a while, make our daily lives feel like we need to do something so this cannot continue. Recognition in itself is the first step on the path towards proper nutrition. If we have found the right kind of exercise that we like to practice, changing driving the car for walking or going stairs at least once a week, we have already done a lot for ourselves and it is time to turn towards conscious nutrition, but many of us get stuck at this point. Because eating right once or twice a week is not enough, you need a lifestyle change that does keep your body away from the improper nutrients, preservatives and allergens identified by dietitians or medical professionals or by our own experiences and observations. Choosing the right foods is not easy, but with a little care, you can achieve eating not only healthy but also delicious meals.

This is our vision, to produce and market gluten-free, allergen-free products for people wishing to eat healthily, which have a high nutritional value, are easy to digest and fit well into a fit or healthy diet. Gluten, milk and eggs are therefore not our friends, we use high quality, mostly Hungarian organic ingredients, our favourite is millet, the favourite of pharaohs, the alkalinizing, richest pseudo-cereal. Our flavours are made with the grandmother’s legacy, by meeting quality demands and with the flavours found in fewer and fewer places today, whether crunchy or juicy until the moment you enjoy a quick bite, sitting in a traffic jam, or between two meetings, or in the evening at the family dinner table.

Therefore, we recommend our products not only to those who have some food sensitivities, but also to those who want to take control of their lives and take care of their daily lives and their health.

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