Why choose Golden Granet products?

Millet, the oldest and scientifically recognized alkalinizing pseudo-cereal, being the richest nutritionally, is used to prepare bakery products, salty and sweet pastries, biscuits, meat substitutes and desserts. The company aims to produce the purest products possible, therefore not only the products, but also the plant is free of gluten, milk, eggs, yeast, and even all the allergens as defined in the EU regulation. Products made from domestic ingredients are made according to their own recipe and unique innovative technology.

The focus is not only directed towards the quality of the products, but also towards the taste and texture, as all of the factors mentioned above contribute to enhancing the consumer experience that the company considers to be of top priority. Thanks to the fact that the products do not contain gluten, milk, eggs, soy, yeast and other EU-specified allergens, customers with a special lifestyle, following a fit or a health diet, can consume them. Highlighted unique product features include increased protein and reduced carbohydrate content as well as being incorporable into special diets (IR, FODMAP, histamine). All products are free of preservatives and food colourings; the protective gas / vacuum packaging ensure the long-lasting freshness of bakery products, biscuits and meat substitutes.

The company is happy to participate in various social campaigns, screening programs or awareness raising campaigns, as the goal is to make people realize that health is a precious asset and consuming Hungarian food of good quality can greatly contribute to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, thereby promoting social welfare.

Consumers and their feedback are important to the company, so product development is ongoing as new demands emerge, providing a solid foundation for the company to grow. The hard work has been manifested in our product range, as we can find a number of products awarded by professional juries both nationally and internationally.